Rockin’ on the Fourth Day at CAFB!

September 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Kim WillisSo, I must admit I was thrilled to join the CAFB team on Sept. 18th and yet, I had no idea that I would have this much fun at work!

I spent the morning volunteering in Product Recovery. I worked alongside a sea of baby blue Dell tee shirts, also known as Dell employees.  THANK YOU DELL!

I experienced first-hand how the cans of food and water go through inspection, cleaning, sorting, weighing and packaging.

I made some new friends while volunteering: Stephen, Dell employee of Central Austin, was my co-weigher and Spider, one of our Lead Volunteers, was my coach.

PR Assembly Line

Here’s how it works in PR (hip term for Product Recovery) –

First, the donations that come in must be inspected and cleaned. All inspectors check the item to make sure its edible and safe (nothing but the best at CAFB) and during this process, every item is also sanitized and cleaned.

Second, the inspected items are placed on a conveyer belt and sent down the line for sorters to sort. These folks remove the items from the belt and place them in the appropriate box. Once the box is full, they place the box on the belt and send it down to be labeled and weighed. There are 10-12 sorters per shift which equals 6-7 boxes to be weighed at a time.

Me and Spider

Next, the box arrives at the weigh machines (this is where I worked). I grabbed the box and listened for Spider to yell out, “30 pounds!” or “25 pounds!” Stephen and I weighed every box to make sure there was enough food or water per container.

I enjoyed seeing how close we could get to the exact weight and when we were exact, “Yes!” is what I exclaimed. We also made sure the labels were included in the box for the next and last part of the process.

Off to Packaging!

Finally, the boxes go to packaging where several people place lids and labels on the boxes. After the boxes are complete, they’re put on a crate to be hauled off.

Xavier, Product Recovery Manager, did an outstanding job of explaining the entire process for us – kudos to Xavier!


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