Childhood Nutrition and Hunger – Two Sides of the Same Coin

October 29, 2008 § 1 Comment

Sixty-one percent of Austin Independent School District (AISD) students are eligible for free or reduced lunch — that’s a lot of children counting on nutritionally balanced meals outside the home and away from parent’s guidance.   And what about nutrition after the school hours? Working poor families without the means to purchase enough food may opt to have their children “feel full,” even if that means foregoing healthier choices at mealtime.

With one-in-five Texas children suffering from obesity, we’re working to educate and inform children in low-income households about their healthy eating options.

CHOICES, our nutrition education program, is funded in part by the USDA’s Food Stamp Program to help empower children and families to make smart choices at mealtime.  Our four-week children’s nutrition program, based on MyPyramid, teaches the health benefits of each food group, healthy choices among the food groups and how to classify foods into appropriate food groups.

At Apple Adventist Academy, in Austin, CHOICES students were asked why it is important to learn about nutrition. Here’s what they had to say:

“So when we grow up we can make healthy choices and so I can make something that is healthy for my own kids.” Hayley, age 9.

Hayley also says, “I think kids should walk around, exercise and run. They should eat healthy. Don’t be obese.”

“Healthy food can taste good and be good.” Hillary, age 10.

“When I eat junk food, I feel hyper.” Luis, age 7.

Get Involved:
You can get involved by becoming a CHOICES Volunteer Instructor or Assistant. Learn more.

We’ll continue to address child nutrition and hunger in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.


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  • kevin Taylor says:

    This site is incredible. It is full of wonderful information and all for an excellent cause. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be back to look further into what this is all about. Very good stuff here thanks for all the hard work!!

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