February Poll – Talk to us.

February 12, 2009 § 1 Comment


Question: In Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, he’s pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015. In his plan, he recognized the important role food banks play in addressing childhood hunger, and how they help address the hurdles within the Food Stamp program. Will food banks, community-based providers and a strengthened government response be enough to do the job?

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§ One Response to February Poll – Talk to us.

  • wiidownloadsovt says:

    If I answer the question posed, I will sound very negative so I will just make a suggestion:
    Many people put entirely too much dependence on “FREE” programs in the hope that their nutrition needs will be met by the government. The government, unfortunately, while providing excellent rhetoric, fails miserably, in most cases, in providing “good nutrition.” Rather, it provides “basic” nutrition and this is the commonality in most all governments that claim to be there “for the people.” If people really want to have excellent nutrition, they need to find a way to either grow their own or purchase their nutritive supplies and foods from some public source. The government talks a good talk but they too seek out the programs and resources that save the bottom line.
    More education should be provided that teaches such things as appropriate food combinations.

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