The New Math for Charitable Giving: $0.42 + 15 minutes = $20 million

February 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

blog_lisa2Lisa Goddard
Advocacy and Online Marketing Director

During these tough economic times, I’m sure many of you are re-evaluating how you give. Are you giving time instead of money?  Are you focused on the best “bang for your buck?” Maybe your charitable giving is less formal, like watching a family member’s child for free while he/she runs errands, or providing a warm meal for your elderly neighbor, or holding a clothing swap with friends to help those needing a wardrobe refresher.   

Social service nonprofits are experiencing this shift in giving at a time when we are expected to do more for our clients.  A recent UTNE article highlights the challenges nonprofits face during these times of economic belt tightening and increased need.

What about the new math?

Sending a letter to your legislative representative is an inexpensive way for you to make an impact: 15 minutes to write, the cost of a stamp and cost of gas to get to the post office (brownie points if you walk or ride your bike).

This legislative session, CAFB has an opportunity to receive state funding to purchase healthy, low-fat foods for children in need. The bill, filed by Senator Zaffirini, is SB 944 and will help address the food insecurity and obesity problems affecting Texas children. One hundred percent of this funding will be for purchasing food; there are no start-up or administrative costs included in this bill. 

Not sure how obesity and food insecurity relate? Read our previous blog post and learn why food banks are a solution.

Your gift of 15 minutes and 43 cents (the cost it takes to write and send a letter) will help Texas Food banks gain access to $20 million in new funding and it doesn’t end there.  Food banks have incredible purchasing power (at CAFB, every $5 donated provides $25 worth of food) so your gift makes a difference. 

Not sure what to write? Here’s a sample letter and find your legislative representative here

Approximately 700,000 Texas children relied on food banks last year. Let’s ensure that we’re at least providing them with healthy food.


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