TAKE ACTION: Support the Food Bank Bill (HB 1622)

May 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

blog_lisa2Lisa Goddard
Advocacy and Online Marketing Director

Good news!  Thanks to the support of so many across Texas, the Food Bank Bill (also known as HB 1622) passed in both the House and Senate.  However, this bill will be unfunded unless money is found in the state budget.  Your legislators are making that decision this month. We need your help in the next few days to help ensure this bill is funded. 

Our ask is simple.  Please call your Senator and Representative and tell him or her, “Please support the funding request of $20 million for the Food Bank Bill, HB 1622.”  Or you can take action online by visiting our website or clicking the Take Action button below.


How this bill helps hungry Central Texans

One in five children is overweight or obese, and Texas leads the nation with the highest rate of children at risk of hunger. These children are at increased risk of cognitive, motor, emotional and behavioral problems, and multiple health deficiencies.

While it may seem paradoxical for these two situations to exist in the same body, they are in fact, two sides of the same coin. Without the means to purchase enough nutritious food, families often choose to reduce the quality of food purchased.

The Food Bank Bill (HB 1622) would provide $20 million to help food banks distribute healthy foods to children at risk of hunger and obesity. This bill will direct free, nutritious food to needy families through Texas food banks, and their programs serving children. One hundred percent of the money provided by the bill will be used to purchase healthy, nutritious food for children with no administrative costs. With bills in the legislature addressing obesity through nutrition education and fitness programs, the Food Bank Bill provides that “third leg” support through ensuring families have access to the right foods.  Click here to read the bill.


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