Real Stories: Rebecca Salas-Fogleson

May 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

“Even though I struggle with my health, financial debt, and ability to afford basic necessities for myself and two young adult daughters, who live with me, I am happy,” says Rebecca Salas-Fogleson.

All three women in Rebecca’s household have physical or mental disabilities, making it difficult to maintain a decent paying job. Sometimes they have two incomes — other times, none.

Rebecca Salas-Fogleson 2The family depends on multiple food pantries for most of their groceries. At one point, both their gas and phone was shut off because they fell behind in paying their bills. Thanks to using the food pantries to provide their groceries, the family is back on track.

“Instead of taking money from our bills to buy groceries, we use the pantries. You learn to supplement your meals with what you get [here],” she said. Rebecca is especially grateful when she receives fresh produce, as they’re eating healthier after taking several nutrition classes. “I’m not eating as much sodium.”

Rebecca is eager to share her story with others, in order to create awareness of the struggle many people find themselves in. “I hope my story helps the Food Bank grow. I think it will be a long time before we [our community] won’t need one.”


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