Inventory control: It’s more than just counting cans.

June 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

All digital camera photos from 8-6-08 to 12-10-08 443Food Bank volunteers took the day off so operations crew could take inventory. Nearly 2 million pounds of food and grocery products were counted at the CAFB warehouse on South Congress Avenue.

Why do we check inventory?

Like any for-profit business, inventory control is key to controlling expenses and operations efficiency. We place a high value on inventory and its quality because the stakes are high. Sound inventory means our Partner Agencies are receiving exactly what they need, and hungry Central Texans are getting a good wholesome product. Every product that comes into the Food Bank is inspected, sorted, cleaned, labeled, organized and placed on shelves.

IKE Wed. 9.17 003We also measure the accuracy of inbound food (like donations from your food drives). Our inventory process allows us to share with you the impact of your efforts. For example, one pound of food donated provides approximately .8 meals.

How often do we check inventory?

Because our Partner Agencies order almost every day, we check inventory (on smaller levels) daily and weekly. When an order is fulfilled, product is pulled to replace it. Every step in this process is tracked. Our pounds-per-month vary, depending on the season. When we’re in disaster relief mode, inventory is monitored daily. At any given time, our South Congress warehouse can hold up to 2 million pounds of food and grocery supplies, and if needed, we could distribute the entire stock in one month.

Interesting Inventory Insights:

  • For the last two years, CAFB received four Feeding America awards for operations efficiency.
  • According to Feeding America, we’re number three in the nation, behind New York and Houston, in produce distribution.
  • With the increased need, we also store food at warehouses in two additional locations.

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