Childhood is Too Short to be Spent Hungry

September 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

David_DavenportDavid Davenport
President and CEO



With just days remaining before Congress returns to D.C. to tackle the nation’s concerns on health care, the financial crisis, and other pressing issues, citizens are taking this time to voice their concerns (and in some cases, outrage) and demands for reform from our leaders right here at home.  Even with all the energy,  I can’t help but feel excited about the sheer number of citizens, from all education levels, walks of life and political spectrums, who are engaged in the political process.   

At the Capital Area Food Bank, we’re not just interested in the level of outrage against child hunger, but in the effectiveness of our collective response to the child hunger problem. That’s why Hunger Action Month is not just about giving your money, or giving time, but caring enough to do something.

Not just anything; Something. Because “something” implies intent and purpose. Food banks across the nation are helping guide that action by providing you with our top tips for being effective.  We’ve localized some of those tips on our website at

Childhood is too short to be spent hungry. Give a little, and you will help feed a lot of little ones right here at home.


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