Were you ever on Food Stamps (SNAP)?

November 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

LGLisa Goddard
Advocacy and Online Marketing Director

A new study released by the George Warren Brown School of Social work at Washington University in St. Louis and published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine reveals a sobering commentary on the quality of life for many American children.  

  • Almost half of all U.S. children will live in a household that uses SNAP at some time in their lives. 
  • One in four children in America will live in a household that uses SNAP for five or more years during their childhood. 
  • For single parents 91% of children living in these households rely on SNAP. The usage is similarly high for black families and for families with low education levels. 
  • Mark Rank, poverty expert and study co-author, explains these findings further.

The study is based on 30 years of data and takes into account a variety of economic conditions.  Clearly, the SNAP program is critical for many children in America, as there is such a high risk for them living in poverty at some point in their childhood.  

Remember, just because a child is poor, does not mean they will qualify for SNAP, or a variety of other Federal programs.  There are still many children who are not supported by the federal feeding safety net and rely on the support of the community, and the food banking system.   I agree with Mr. Rank.  We need a serious wakeup call.

Did you ever live on Food Stamps as a child?  What do you remember about that time? Consider sharing your story with us through our new Hunger Stories initiative, or comment below. 

Bonus Advocacy Points:  Share your story with your legislative representative, and help make ending hunger a priority in Texas.  If you need some extra talking points for your letter, Children’s Health Watch recently put together a nice one-sheeter summary about the harmful effects that even low food insecurity can have on children.


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