WeCanEndThis: A Call to Action and Twitter Tale

February 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

Launching March 4, WeCanEndThis.com is our latest collaboration, spearheaded by Scott Henderson of PledgeToEndHunger with Share Our Strength, Feeding America and a number of corporate partners, including Mashable, Tyson Foods, ConAgra Foods Foundation, and PepsiCo.

We hope you are inspired by the mission and goal of this effort as much as we are.  A snippet from the causeshift.com blog post reads:

… this is a yearlong initiative to spark innovation and broader engagement in the cause of ending hunger in America. Our goal is to end hunger in America — and nothing short will be considered a success.

Stay tuned for lots of fun activities. To get warmed up, start generating buzz about the Virtual Can Drive where you can donate a virtual can of food to the state of your choice (hint-hint, TEXAS, hint-hint) by visiting WeCanEndThis.com and promising to take action.

At 5 p.m. ET on March 18, the ten states with the most virtual cans will be awarded their own semi-truckload of real food, courtesy of Tyson Foods.  That’s 1.5 million meals!

In 15 days, 15,000 people will say and pledge “We Can End This” and send 1.5 million meals to our neighbors in need.

Learn more on the WeCanEndThis Facebook fan page. Also, be sure to follow WeCanEndThis on Twitter so you can stay informed of our progress.

Now for the backstory, and a lesson to be learned.

Maintain your Twitter relationships.  They are not all the one-night-stand of social media.

This whole thing started well over a year ago when Ed Nicholson from Tyson Foods and Lisa Goddard, Online Marketing Director, met through the matchmaking of fellow tweeters David Neff and Mike Chapman.  Lisa met Scott Henderson (@scottyhendo on Twitter) through part of the Pledge to End Hunger cause that was unleashed during SXSWi 2009.  Ed was kind enough to mention us as a potential collaborator, while Kerri Qunell, VP of Communications, happened to sit next to Scott at a SXSWi session and mentioned our connection to the person who organizes SXSWi and the Austin Reggae Festival, which benefits the Food Bank. Meanwhile, Scott and Lisa stay in contact through his new ventures including RallytheCause.com and CauseShift.com. Fast forward to today, and a mid-sized, local food bank (that’s us) is  participating in an official cause of SXSWi, with major national nonprofits and corporations, to bring hunger issues to the forefront.


Here’s a handy infographic for you to enjoy.

So, please treat your tweeters well, and get to know them as people.  The results may surprise you.


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