Adventures in collaboration

March 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lisa Goddard
Online Marketing Director

Long-term solutions to hunger require a broad-based coalition of supporters, and I was honored and proud to contribute to such a gathering this past weekend. The National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference co-sponsored by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) and Feeding America in cooperation with the National (Child and Adult Care Food Program) CACFP Forum gathers advocacy and policy experts from food banks, partner agencies, government agencies, schools, research and policy institutes, and other nonprofits working together to support and refine anti-hunger public policy.

I spoke about using social media for advocacy with Josh Nelson from the Hatcher Group where I stressed the power of social media to help provide context to the hunger problem and support grassroots advocacy efforts to help end hunger.  For better or worse, marketing and communication professionals are often the ones tasked with owning social media efforts within most nonprofits. But advocates and policy experts have a lot to say (I know, because I’m almost hoarse) and can really benefit from collaborating with their communications coworkers.

And, this week, I get to hear and experience what our tech community at SXSWi has to say — I can’t wait!

From (where you can pledge today to donate a virtual can) to the The Beacon, Lounge with a Conscience, to the Cause Lab’s brainstorming opportunities perfect for the disruptor/innovator in you, there’s clearly something for everyone.

It’s not every day I get to participate in history-making moments. In a few days, my fellow techies will help shape the anti-hunger initiative, with the knowledge that an army of citizens across this nation are equipped with the passion to bring these ideas to life.

Our society is a reflection of our morals, values and priorities. I think it’s worth remembering that, rich or poor, geek or freak, communicator or advocate; we all have something to contribute.  I hope you’ll join us, in person and online, in this important opportunity.  Because after all, hunger is unacceptable.


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