Bringing Hunger Out From the Shadows

April 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hunger in Central Texas isn’t easy to see. It can happen for just a few months as a family adjusts to a new budget due to unemployment, injury or reduced income. It can come and go for seniors living on a fixed income as they cope with unexpected expenses. It may be the reason that a child is unfocused or disruptive at school.

Our shared belief in fair access to social mobility and economic security requires Central Texans to embrace the belief that hunger is unacceptable and make hunger issues a priority. CAFB’s Hunger Stories Podcast sheds light on the emotional and physical toll of hunger, and the daily struggle to stay positive in troubling uncertain financial times.

Stories like those we hear from:

Lucille, who reminds us of the challenges families like hers faced during the depression of the 1930s and how the Wheels of Sharing Mobile Food Pantry helps her and her neighbors today.


Leela, who was two months pregnant when she swam to safety after her house in Galveston collapsed during Hurricane Ike. Until she gets back on her feet, she says, she depends on food and baby product assistance from CAFB Food Pantries.

But the story of hunger doesn’t end there. Even if you haven’t been hungry yourself, you’ve been touched by hunger in deep, troubling ways.  A study called “Economic Cost of Domestic Hunger: Estimated Annual Burden to the United States” estimates that the direct and indirect costs for allowing hunger to exist costs Americans $90 billion a year. This 2007 study doesn’t reflect the rise in need for food assistance seen during the current economic downturn.

Hunger isn’t fair for you, your children, or your children’s children. Now is the time to share your story with your community and with your elected leaders and to help us spread the urgent message that hunger is unacceptable.

You can help like Pamela Wilson did.

Discover your own hunger story and share it.

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