Food bankers from across the US declare Hunger is UNacceptable.

April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

This week, more than 500 anti-hunger advocates from food banks and food bank associations around the country have been gathered in Central Texas for the annual Feeding America Summit. All week long, the Summit’s Twitter hashtag, #FASummit, has provided a flurry of statistics on poverty, hunger and the economy. Data from the Feeding America Hunger Study (you can see the Central Texas report here) and Congressional Budget Office projections for rising poverty and unemployment offered a sobering reminder that, as bad as it has been for food banks and their clients this past year, we should not anticipate relief soon. In fact, things are projected to get worse.

The Brookings Institution study Simulating the Effect of the “Great Recession” on Poverty provides a good synopsis of these and other projection models, plus an informed perspective on how the recession will ” cast a long shadow on those at the bottom of the ladder – a group that was not doing well before the recession arrived and which will be disproportionately affected long after it.”

At our booth, we asked participants to share why “Hunger is Unacceptable”.  Here’s what they shared with us.


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