Austin Food Bloggers Unite to Share their Hunger Story

April 22, 2010 § 4 Comments


Everybody has a hunger story. Yesterday kicked off a week-long project to share hunger stories from the perspective of Austin’s food blogging community.  The bloggers will cook with food they would receive if they were a client at a food pantry in an effort to raise awareness of the hunger crisis in Central Texas.

We sent the group a list of food items we distributed at the Reaching Out Center in Pflugerville. The bloggers then purchased those items and will write about their culinary journey.  They may also choose to supplement their grocery list with food items they would be able to purchase if they qualified for SNAP (food stamps), or were enrolled in the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC).

You can participate, too! Let us know if you’d like to blog, or you can comment on others’ blogs. We’ll list all the blog posts on our Austin Food Bloggers page.

Participating Austin Food Bloggers include:

Addie Broyles – Relish Austin

Suzanna Cole – South Austin Foodie Blog

Summer Huggins – Something to Chew On

Lauren Kincke  – Bytes from Texas: One Longhorn’s Adventures

Dee Kincke – Texas to Mexico

Aaron Kull  – Austin Epicurean

Lisa Lawless  – Lisa is Cooking

Stephanie McClenny – The Cosmic Cowgirl

Megan Myers – STETTED editing toward a well-fed life

Nicole Ray – Savor the Earth

Han Ren and Justin Ong – Keep Austin Tasty

Alexandra Richmond – Austin is Delicious

Cameron Siewert – What to Eat

Kim Usey – The Dinner Hour

Kristi Willis – Austin Farm to Table

Kristina Wolter – Girl Gone Grits

Thank you to the bloggers sharing their hunger stories, and a special thank you to Addie Broyles and Kristi Willis for spearheading this effort.

§ 4 Responses to Austin Food Bloggers Unite to Share their Hunger Story

  • sue says:

    I went to a food bank once when I was desperate. Someone 6 years latter reminded me that they saw me there adn I just felt aweful. I was sad as I was so greatful to the peole that helped me but I never expected anyone to confront me about it so I asked why they brought it up. Because they where so happy they where doing a good thing. I said it might be a good idea to leave people their privacy about this as I do nto want anyone to hurt like I did. Its another brick in the wall and the shame that I will have this in my face was one reason I did not want to go to begin with. Sensative but greatful

  • Pam D. Wilson says:

    I apply for food stamps. I would only qualified for $16.00 per month.
    I would be to hard to spend 10.00 to 15.00 dollars just to get to a big store like HEB. My icebox still empty everyday. a few loaf of bread and dry figs. freeze has a few pieces of meat. This is every day to every week to every month. I had been told I make to much money.
    Cannot get any medical treatment for my diabetes or get a doctor to help me take care of my medical needs and medicines.
    I have to much money is all I hear.
    If you own land and pay no rent or or owe the banks you are out of luck to get any form of help. You are told you are well off and a form of being rich. A person still have to many bills to pay even if they call it luxury living.

    Is it that we have to live in the dirt off the ground and have nothing at all before anyone will give us help.
    My home is in very bad shape to. I don’t even get help with that either.
    What happen to America helping there own people. Even if we own our home or have a little extra to have things. Food is food.

    Pam D. U. Wilson

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  • […] Most delicious social media effort: Austin Food Bloggers Project […]

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