Spotlight on Sharon Gofreed, Garden Volunteer Leader

June 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sharon Gofreed, Garden Volunteer Leader

Sharon Gofreed, Garden Volunteer Leader

Sharon Gofreed is a local gastronome and pastry chef extraordinaire who spends her Saturdays serving as a Volunteer Leader for CAFB’s Teaching Garden.  Sharon’s knowledge and enthusiasm have already made the spring season in the Teaching Garden a great success, and we are really looking forward to seeing what she achieves this summer.  Amelia Long, Volunteer Resources VISTA interviewed Sharon about her passion for food and gardening:

Amelia:  What is your role at Le Cordon Bleu Austin?

Sharon:  I am currently a student of Patisserie and Baking at Le Cordon Bleu Austin.  I work in the career services department at the school as a work-study student; I help put together our job postings, career fairs, and provide general support to the career and student services department.  One of my favorite things is that I get to help other students with their resumes.

Amelia:  What do you really like to bake or cook?

Sharon:  I love coming up with new desserts.  I recently made a salted caramel and warm ganache tart with some candied pistachios that was delicious!  Cooking is a bit more tricky for me, but I love making tacos, French onion soup, and spaghetti.  I love experimenting with dinner!

Amelia:  Why do you think the Teaching Garden is interesting or important?  Why are gardens important to you in general?

Sharon:  I think the Teaching Garden is invaluable.  As more people gain an understanding of sustainable foods and the whole green thing, they need a place to go to get answers, ideas, and just general know-how of growing their own food.

Showing the younger generations how to grow their own food is, to me, such a thrill!  A few weeks ago a little boy pulled a huge carrot out of the ground and he was so proud.  He really enjoyed the taste of it and even said how it was better than the ones he gets at the store!

My mother grew up on a farm in Kansas.  I’ve always been aware of how difficult life is for farmers and think it is great that we as a society are starting to realize that taste cannot be reproduced in mass-produced farms.  The simple farmer is invaluable, and I’m so happy that we are getting more supportive by buying organic and locally grown foods.

Amelia:  What are you looking forward to doing in the garden?

Sharon:  I am really looking forward to when the garden is completely in bloom and we can start showing how to harvest the things grown.  It is amazing how quickly things grow here in Austin!  We planted some beans and two weeks later they were already little sproutlings.  I think the cucumbers are going to be amazing and cannot wait to see how they come out.

Click here for more information about the CAFB Teaching Garden.



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