Guest Blogger SolarWinds says “Hunger sucks.”

December 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

by Josh Stephens (Head Geek at SolarWinds)

Me and hunger just don’t get along very well. It could be hypoglycemia or maybe I’m just a big ole’ cranky guy, but if I don’t get something to eat for lunch every day, you probably don’t want to be hanging around me. Many days, it’s not too big a deal as I’m spending the afternoons in the lab or in meetings and it’s OK to be grumpy, but on a day like today where I’m filming I really need to be able to put on a happy face and my hungry face always seems to trump my happy one.

So, as I was working through lunch today, I decided to see what was in the refrigerator. I admit it – I stole someone else’s food. Turns out it was my brother’s (yeah, he works at SolarWinds, too), but either way I took it. Being hungry sucks. And while I can make a joke about stealing my brother’s food, the hunger many folks face day-to-day isn’t funny. SolarWinds’ Geeks that Give community outreach program decided to step up and help out the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas’ “Turn Hungry Holidays into Happy Holidays” food and donation drive this season in a BIG way.

With today’s economy there are more people struggling to put food on the table than ever before. So far here at SolarWinds we’ve raised over $13,000. The stats on what that can do are amazing. For every $5 donated, CAFB can provide $25 of food. SolarWinds’ donation will provide 28 children with nutritious after school meals for a year, provide 122 families with food for a meal per day for a year, and provide food enough to feed 62 seniors a meal a day for a year. Those are some pretty amazing things when you think about it.

So, Zach, sorry about stealing your lunch. I guess I owe you one. But now that you know what it feels like to be hungry maybe you should visit this site and donate some more? For everyone else out there, I hope that you too will help either the Capital Area Food Bank here in Austin or a local food bank in your area. Be part of the solution.

To help SolarWinds and the Capital Area Food Bank “Turn Hungry Holidays into Happy Holidays,” learn more at and donate online at through December 26.

Flame on…
– Josh

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§ One Response to Guest Blogger SolarWinds says “Hunger sucks.”

  • ZenRuth says:

    It’s really hard to be law abiding and well behaved when you’re hungry, as you have realized. Bravo! for turning your own experience into a fund raising program for the Food Bank. Thank you!

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